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About Powertek

Established in November, 1998, Powertek Electronics Co., Ltd invested HKD 10 million to set up Powertek Group Co., Ltd in 2001. Powertek International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was founded in January, 2002 with registered capital of USD 20 million. And Powertek International Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd was established with registered capital of USD 500,000. Owning 23 branches at home and abroad with over 240 employees, Powertek Group Co., Ltd has become the most important agent for many famous foreign electronics manufacturers in China. The businesses cover home appliances, telecommunication, automobile, security, etc.

Powertek has built comprehensive distribution network and sales system after several years’ growth. Powertek has promoted brand influence and achieved brand loyalty by providing best service to all customers. During its originality innovaton and pioneering vitality, Powertek is gaining brand influence and brand loyalty.

Today, Powertek Electronics has become a guarantee of reputation and a conglomerate of high-tech R&D and international business & trade. Powertek Electronics persistently pursues the concept that “customers’ satisfaction is our work standard” and target to be the world-class enterprise with good reputation and prestige. Powertek will cooperate with you for a better future.


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